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Business regards skill, knowledge and people as the most valuable assets to succeed in the real-world competition. People have primary gained their skill and knowledge to meet the need of business entities through the education providers. That is why Vanda Institute of Accounting was established. It provides true quality learning and teaching to match business and skill people. Vanda Institute of Accounting (VIA), founded in 2001, primary focuses on the education Cambodian students who wish to meet the business need and to grasp the opportunities as to become new emerging entrepreneurs. Although, VIA is a new tertiary education provider, its reputation has spread through out nation-wide with quality of course offered and teaching in accounting. Also, VIA brings advance technologies equipments and provides beautiful classroom and study environment to all students. As a result, VIA currently educates more than 2000 Cambodian students. Our academic staffs have done extensive works to ensure that course offered at VIA is up-to-date in order to maintain the reputation of ‘quality institution’.


The Vanda Institute of Accounting (VIA) will be one of the leading tertiary education providers in fostering the advancement of knowledge and new ideas with excellent quality in teaching and research.


The Vanda Institute intends to build up the human resource capacity, enhancing the quality and professionalism of the public, by providing national and international programs with cost-effectiveness. The institute main product is Accounting and Finance training programs with international English as an important emphasis and major supporting field to the offering of international accounting program.