Welcome to Vanda Institute, we hope to give you some idea about what it is that makes Vanda your choice of study. Over its history, Vanda Institute has been acknowledged as a hub of success, placing itself among Cambodian’s prestigious with its dedication to the highest educational standards. Vanda Institute aims to be Cambodian’s most contemporary institution, internationally recognized for the relevance, innovation, integrity and responsiveness of its teaching and learning, research, and partnerships.
Vanda differentiates its features from others in term of concepts and strategic focuses which may be summaries as follows: Student-Centered Learning; Tutoring Programs; Instructing-Class Concepts (The result is fundamentally better than Teaching-Class Concepts); Effective Links With Business, The Professions, Local Communities, and Government; A Scheme of PracticalInternship Programs. We believe these features will produce high academic quality and independent.
Vanda provides opportunities, not only for high school graduates from Phnom Penh area, but also for students from remote and isolated areas, mature-age students, government officers, employees of organizations or companies, and students to access the benefits of higher education. Whoever you are, we welcome you at Vanda.