VIA has provided training for its students two types of sports, soccer and marathon, aiming to support the programme prepared by the Ministry of education, youth and sport. Two of our outstanding students in marathon competition have won the first and fourth place for woman and man respectively. Congratulation to our winners! The most important reason in entering into the competition is not the winning, but the joy, fun, and experiences that our students encountered from the competitions. These experiences will strengthen our students in business competition as in the sport competition. That is why VIA always encourages our student to do socialising and VIA will always support the sport teams. Again, congratulation to our winners!

arty and Awards
Fun! Fun! Fun! Every December, VIA prepares a get-together party for all students and lecturers including new ones and existing ones. It is a special time that students and students, students and lecturers get to know, to learn, and to understand each other. During the party, top students for each intake will be awarded for theirs excellent study records.